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I have over 14 years of experience performing my craft of tuning and repairing pianos. My career began when my husband purchased a grand piano. The local tuner came to give the piano its first tuning and I was hooked. After hanging over every move of the tuning hammer during three appointments, my husband pointed to the door and exclaimed, “You are obviously fascinated, go learn.” I took him up on it, haven’t looked back, and my passion for pianos has only grown.

Piano Service Experience

I have tuned and repaired pianos on cruise ships and in other performance venues. I also have worked in Kawai and Yamaha Piano dealerships. Additionally, my piano work has appeared in performance venues, in private homes, churches, schools, and senior centers.


In addition to my apprenticeship and going through a piano technology school, I attended the Yamaha factory school. There, I was instructed in piano action regulation and repairs. Additionally, as an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild, I regularly gain more knowledge at meetings, conferences and conventions. Through all of this training, I have learned the most cost-effective ways to bring out the brilliance in your instrument.

I graduated from Yamaha’s “Little Red School House” (Yamaha Piano’s factory school).

I’m an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild and I attend Piano Technicians Guild classes at conferences and conventions.

Our piano tuning and repair coverage area includes Orange County and Southern Los Angeles County.

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Sheila King, Piano Technician

Sheila King, Piano Technician