Precise Tuning

We are available for home, studio, church, or concert hall tuning.

Piano Repairs

Piano repairs include diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to tuning, we check adjustments to your piano action and perform any needed corrections.

Action Regulation

Action parts can be adjusted to give your piano the correct “feel”.

Pitch Raises

Bringing piano’s pitch (sharp/flat) to the correct level.


Correcting tone quality through filing, needling, or steaming.

String Services

String cleaning, installation, and replacement for broken or missing strings.

Key Tops Services

We gently clean and also offer replacements for ivory key tops.

Piano Cleaning

Vacuuming with a brush the interior, soundboard, and pin block.

Purchase Inspections

Determining the soundness of a candidate for piano purchase.

Dammp Chaser

Installing a piano environmental control system to protect it.

String Cover Installation

A string cover can prevent rusting and maintain the strings’ showroom shine.

Sticking Keys

Relieving sticking keys by finding the cause and correcting it.